PCBA production process

(1) Production

According to the PCB documents provided by the electronics manufacturers for PCB production, Advancing Tech has a professional PCB production partner, which can quickly produce samples.


The purchasing department sourcing the best price of the components, one-stop configuration, and quickly put into production. Material storage after quality control, inspection, storage safety control, etc., to avoid material damage.

(3)SMT/DIP Production

Advancing Tech has 400m2 production workshop, 2 SMT production lines and 2 DIP production lines, Siemens, Samsung Mount machine, Ten temperature zone reflow furnace and various production testing equipment. It can be mounted in English 01005- 45mm components and 0.3P BGA, the maximum mounting PCB size is 510mm*460mm. Advancing Tech has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification and implemented quality control procedures to ensure production quality to meet customer needs.


Once PCB bare board is mounted, it is transferred to the PCBA production line to program burning, functional testing, ICT testing, FCT testing, aging testing, fatigue testing, environment testing, etc. PCBA testing is an important means of controlling product quality. After text, the PCB Board is send to assembly and shipping.


Advancing Tech provides comprehensive online logistics tracking and after-sales service to address a range of customer needs both before and after receiving.

PCBA test type

ICT (In-Circuit Test): It mainly detects the voltage/current data of the test point after the PCB circuit board is energized, it does not involve the function button or the input and output test.

FCT (Functional Test): The programmed microcontroller (MCU) program firstly needs to be burned into the program IC through the programmer (such as ST-Link, JTAG) to achieve the corresponding functional test. For example, after the button is pressed, the LED light on; when the two buttons are pressed at the same time, the original settings are restored. Whether all functional tests able to be performed must be based on the PCB well welded and line conduction.

Burn In Test: Perform long-term, periodic analog user input and output on the PCBA board that has been programmed and FCT passed to check its durability and soldering reliability. In special cases, it is also need to expose the PCBA board to a specific humidity environment.

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