Process Capability

PCBA Process flow

PCBA process include loading, printing, mounting, reflow,MI/AI, wave soldering ,testing etc..Detailed processes see below:

The PCBA process is a combination of SMT and DIP processing. According to the requirements of different production technologies, it can be divided into one-sided SMT mounting process, one-sided DIP cartridge process, one-sided mixing process, one-sided placement and insertion. Mixed process, double-sided SMT and double-sided mixing process, etc.

1、one-side SMT mounting
Once solder paste of the bare PCB is printed, the relevant electronic components are reflow soldered and reflow soldered.

2、One-side DIP cartridge process
The PCB board which needs to be mounted has been soldered after the electronic components are inserted into the production line, and the board is cleaned after the welding is fixed. Conclusive, wave soldering is low processing efficient.

3、One side mixing
The PCB board is printed with solder paste, and the components are mounted and fixed by reflow soldering. After the quality inspection is completed, DIP inserts in, then start wave soldering or manual soldering . If there are fewer through-hole components, manual soldering is recommended.

4、Once side mounting & inserted mix
There are PCB boards are double-sided, one side is mounted, and the other side is inserted. The process of placement and insertion is the same as that of single-sided processing, although the PCB requires reflow and wave soldering.

5、Double side SMT mounting
In order to ensure the aesthetics and functionality of the PCB, some PCB board designer use a double-sided mounting method. One of the A side is arranged with IC components, and the B side is mounted with chip components. Fully utilize board space to minimize PCB area.

6、Double side mix process
There are two methods are mixed in the following. The first method is assemble the PCBA three times for heating, the efficiency is low, and the pass rate of the wave soldering using the red glue process is low. The second method is suitable for the case are many double-sided SMD components and few THT components, and manual soldering is recommended. Wave soldering is recommended if there are many THT components.

Above Information only simplifies the PCBA assembly process of the printed circuit board, and shows the process in a graphic. However, as the PCBA assembly process and production process are gradually optimized, the failure rate is also continuously reduced, ensuring the producing of high-quality products. The solder joint quality of all the electronic components described above determines the quality of the PCBA board. Therefore, when the relevant electronics manufacturers are searching for PCBA assembly and processing manufacturers, it is the best way to have a high level of experience and high processing equipment.

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